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Honda GAP Insurance

Honda has earned a reputation for dependable, smartly designed family cars like the Civic and Accord. Both of which are still key models in the Honda range. They continue to showcase the top-notch engineering and competitive pricing Honda has long been famous for. With such known dependability, you may think that your Honda is fully insured, but it’s a good idea to examine the limits of your cover.

Take a closer look at your existing insurance and you’ll probably find that a pay out in such circumstances would most likely be considerably less than the sum you’d need to buy a like-for-like replacement. This is because most insurers base their pay out on the current market value of a car, rather than its value when you purchased it.


How does Honda GAP Insurance work?

GAP Insurance protects you against financial loss by topping up an insurer’s pay-out should you need it. Depreciation means that your Honda is almost certain to have dropped in value when you come to make a claim. In fact, new cars usually begin to plummet in value the moment you buy them. Just three years later most cars have diminished in value by 60%. 

So, if you need to make a claim three years after you bought your Honda, you’re probably looking at a pay-out that’s 60% short of the price you originally paid. If you purchased a new Honda CR-V for £35,000 there’s a good chance that, three years later, your insurance pay out would be just £14,000. You’d have to find another £21,000 to buy a new like-for-like replacement. You can learn more in our GAP Insurance guide.


Buy Honda GAP Insurance with MotorEasy

MotorEasy GAP Insurance protects against this scenario, ensuring you won’t have to find a large sum of money just to replace your car. It bridges the gap between the original cost of your vehicle and a disappointing pay-out based on its heavily depreciated market value. At MotorEasy we offer the best deals in seconds.

  • Most cars are covered, including new and used cars bought from dealerships or private sellers.
  • Covers car theft, accidental damage, and fire
  • Cars purchased on loans, PCPs, HP, and more are accepted
  • Save up to 75% on dealer GAP Insurance prices.
  • Available for all cars up to 8 years old (or with up to 80,000 miles on the clock)

MotorEasy GAP Insurance offers a smart and affordable way to remove the risks associated with standard insurance policies. This leaves you free to enjoy your Honda, safe in the knowledge that it’s comprehensively protected. 

  • Optional extras and accessories covered (where factory or dealer fitted)
  • European road trips for up to 30 days covered
  • Savings on MotorEasy maintenance and repairs
  • FREE MotorEasy account with access to all your car’s details, documents, important reminders, and motoring offers
  • Up to £1000 in motor insurance excesses covered


How much does Honda GAP Insurance cost?

The cost of getting GAP Insurance for a Honda depends on the model of vehicle and your age. At MotorEasy it’s up to 75% cheaper than purchasing through a dealer or lender.


Getting a quote

Obtaining a MotorEasy Honda GAP Insurance quote is quick and easy thanks to our handy tool. Follow the link below for more information on how to get a GAP Insurance quote without any hassle.